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Ladies Who Launch
- Feb 21, 2006



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Press Release
Local Domestic Diva of Housecleaning is,
cleaning up by being a guest on Martha
Stewart's Radio Show

Redmond, Washington: Elaine Gordon Evans, will be a guest on Martha Stewart's Radio on Sirius Radio Sat. June 24, 2006 at 7pm EST. Gordon Evans has owned and operated Elaine's American Maid Housecleaning Service in the local Puget Sound area has taken care of clients on the East Side and Seattle for the past 21 years. Gordon Evans has also helped thousands of low-income women open up their own maid services as they sub-contracted under Elaine's American Maid to get their start at their entrepreneurial enterprise.

Elaine Gordon Evans is passionate about helping the poor due to her upbringing on welfare for the first 18 years of her life in the Welfare housing projects of New York City's lower East Side. Elaine Gordon Evans grew up on welfare because her single mother was extremely ill and Gordon Evans started by ironing shirts at a nickel a piece at nine years of age. Gordon became a single mom at age 19, and when a health crisis left her without a way to provide for her baby, she started her housecleaning business from a hospital bed due to a collapse lung that she sustained from cleaning with harsh chemicals. Elaine's American Maid (;) which today cleans 140 homes per week and provides work to about 80 low­income women on the East Side and the Seattle areas, has been nominated for the business of the year by the Better Business Bureau in 2004, and has won their American Spirit Award which only has been given out twice in history.

Through her entrepreneurship, Evans traded welfare for a million-dollar home in Redmond, Washington, where she now lives with hubby and professional unlimited hydroplane racer Mark Evans (former driver of the Budweiser, American Spirit, Pico American Dream, Elam, and Llumar Window Film.) Daughter Shavawn, 32, is the nanny and creative clothing stylist for Madonna for the past nine years, son Paul, 24, is an accomplished filmmaker and author and was nominated for an Emmy for his ground zero tribute which was made 3 weeks after 911 at ground zero. Son Jonathan, 20, in his second year of Bible studies at the Master's College in southern California, recently arranged and recorded his first rap CD with positive lyrics. Jonathan also arranges and records the music for movies and videos for films and T.V. documentaries on issues such as school violence, drug prevention, and community service projects.

Not only has Evans launched herself and her children as a single mom out of poverty, and homelessness for about a year, she has also taken on about a gazillion other things      

"My mission is helping low-income women across America to open their own housecleaning services to support themselves. I want to help all women who just want to survive. Then I want to launch them in their second businesses ... what they really want to do, what they want to be when they grow up. They know how to make things work and how to survive with nothing. Give them a few tools and they are going to be the most
phenomenal entrepreneurs you have ever seen."

Helping Low-Income Women to Help Themselves
"What I'd really like to do is launch nationwide, not so much to license or franchise, but to go into cities and have seminars and teach women how to open their own housecleaning businesses. I would charge a small fee, but would want the women to find sponsorships to attend the seminar, maybe from the community where the housecleaner would be working so that she would already have a support network for her customer base. Government and also church entities are also excellent sources for sponsorship

Free Home Cleaning for Cancer Patients
"I have the National Heritage Foundation to umbrella my efforts with my two foundations "Elaine's Maid for Life" and Elaine's Maid for Work." "Elaine's Maid for Life" gives away free housecleaning to women with cancer and breast cancer, men who have just lost their wives to cancer, or parents whose children are dying from cancer.

People are always wondering, "What can I do for someone who has cancer?" Help them clean their house. A clean home signifies order in a chaotic life.

"I have been donating housecleaning services to women with cancer and to men whose wives have died of cancer for two years now. I have been underwriting the cost myself. I would say that over the last two years hundreds and hundreds of people have called me." Now that I have my non­profit status through the National Heritage Foundation, I am able to have others contribute to the foundation to help the women who have cancer have their homes cleaned more regularly than only on occasion.

"Elaine's Maid for Work" foundation, also through the National Heritage Foundation, will help teach low- income women not only learn how to run a housecleaning service of their own, but will also teach them how to truly clean a house in a very detailed and professional way. They will learn how to clean a home from the housecleaning training institute that will also be a part of "Elaine's Maid for Work" foundation.

New Domestic Diva of Housecleaning
The new, up and coming "Domestic Diva of Housecleaning", Elaine Gordon Evans will be filming her first workout video "How to clean your house in 30 minutes and get an aerobic workout" on July 6, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The video shoot will take place at her home at 3517 259th Way NE, Redmond, WA 98053.

For more information, contact Elaine Gordon, 425-868-5660 to schedule an interview.






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